Monday, September 12, 2011

Welcome to Blinded By Her Nails !!!

It's 3:30 AM and...

I am totally excited about the launch of my new blog Blinded by Her Nails (BBHN)! I spent hours designing it, ignoring the massive piles of homework that I have, just to make sure it was perfect and ready to go! Although there are still some kinks, I'm happy with the layout, design, and overall feel.

This will be a blog totally dedicated to nail art, polish, fashion, and everything in between! My old blog My Life In Blog will be my personal blog from now on (as it was originally intended to be). So, if you're following that blog, don't worry it's not going anywhere. I'm really hyper and excited that I FINALLY kicked off this blog, it was either now or never!

So, I hope you guys enjoy this blog, and I'll begin posting things as soon as I can. Feel free to send me questions, design requests, post requests, or anything that comes to mind! I LOVE hearing from you guys! My email address: Please always include a subject when emailing me.