Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why I'm Cutting My Nails...

*Sadface* Hey guys...

I regret to post this blog and make this announcement but I may have to cut my nails. In January I stopped biting my nails and I was dedicated to growing my nails long, strong, healthy and beautiful. As of last month, I reached my goal. My nails are really long and strong and just as beautiful as I wanted them to be. But now they are becoming more a hindrance than a blessing for me. Now that I'm back in school, my nails are so long that I can't type properly, causing several mistakes and typos within my work (which makes homework time longer than it has to be). Over the summer they were fine, since I didn't have school, but now not so much.

So, I think it's time to bring out the finger nail clippers (I really have no clue where they are lol), and chop down the nails that I worked so hard to have! I'm going to be optimistic, because there are some great nail designs for short nails that I cannot wait to try!

I hope to post a picture of my new, shorter nails soon :)


  1. But it won't stop you from doing nail art dear! ♥

  2. I feel the same! Thats why I cut my long nails too :(